Dear Sir or Madam
We, management and employees at Frisia Group are closely following the developments and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which are reported by the World Health Organization (WHO).
All measures initiated aim to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to vulnerable population groups.
Our industry also faces an unprecedented challenge.

In agreement with our partners and employees, we have decided to react appropriately to the exceptional situation and inform you about the following health and safety measures:

Every employee is free to work in the home office.
The health of our employees and the health of their families is our first priority.
In view of the circumstances, we decided to close the office
all office numbers have been redirected to that employee
We are always available for you digitally.

We are very sorry that we had to make this decision until further notice

A big thank you to our sailors on board that you decided to stay on board longer
we know that you are thinking about your families at home and we are working on giving you permanent contact at home

Our entire Frisia Group team is still available to you by phone and email to support your projects, advise you, discuss an eventual emergency or simply if you want to speak to a friend or colleague.

We believe that the fastest way to get back to normal is to strictly follow local health recommendations. We all have a role in protecting vulnerable groups.

We will continue to implement our action plan to ensure the safety of our employees, minimize any variations in our operations, and support our community.

Whatever may come, we are on your side.